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My Love

A bit late, but thank you all~

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who sent me Birthday wishes etc on my 21st, it really meant a lot to me, even though i only got to read them yesterday.

My Birthday was an interesting experience, sadly not as adventurous or wild as some of you may be thinking :( maybe next year.

But i do have a Supernatural Night Party this weekend, which should more than make up for any missed out fun :)

LCP: How are things going, hope your having fun in the intense heat over there XP

Day: Hope your staying sexy~

Kel: Hope school life isnt killing you too much over there, been missing you lately.

Akaadji: Have you had a chance to play Jump Ultimate Stars, its freaking sweet.

Ling: Thank you for the Birthday Card, i still play it everyday and sing along to it XD

Oh, and how BADASS was Zoro in the latest few episode of One Piece (Anime, dont read Manga -_-) taking all of Luffys damage from his battle with Moria.

Gogo-sama: Sorry i couldnt send you any sexy pics of naked Tigger or any erotic art, but lets be honest here, no mere photo will be able to capture the amazing Tiggers true glory, i save that for you to experience when we meet ;)

I cant wait to read the next installment of Musashi/Hiruma. As for requests, LCP will kill me once she sees this, but i have always wanted to read a LCP/Tigger fic XD

In case i dont see you guys because your too busy over the holiday season, I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. I hope Santa brings you all a little smut under the Christmas tree.



Happy Birthday again, Tigger~

LOL, LCP/Tigger fic?? Maaaaaybe gogo could write a little somethin' funny. Maybe. *thinks on it* Might happen one night when gogo is rather drunk. Or maybe gogo can enlist Day to help!

((and shall meet one day! it is destined. and stuff.))
El Pornoman

January 2009

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