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El Pornoman

Long time no see ladies...

Its been ages since i last posted...and far too long since i got to chat with all the girls on here. Rather that make a huge rant and all about everything that has gone on/going on/randomness in my life since then, ill just bullet point them to save space XD (in somewhat chronological order)

- Am planning on getting a Bass Guitar and learning how to play it.
- Saw the GODDAMN BATMAN in The Dark Knight.
- Fell in love with Heath Ledger (in specific when he was wearing a nurse's outfit)
- My friend was in a car accident, but he is recovering from it quite well, almost as good as new now.
- Was in hospital for a few days myself
- I think gogo_ergo_sum has found out about one of my secret pairings in bleach
- Saw Wanted. Want to try smashing an ergonomic keyboard on someones face.
- Invited to go to Canada in 2009/2010 i think with a few friends. Which should be good if true (and it happens).
- Annie and i broke up.
- [info]lcpdragonslayer and i worked out if i stopped drinking for a week, id have already had enough to get me 2 PSP's by now.
- Had waffles with [info]lcpdragonslayer. They were orgasmically good.
- I stopped giving tutorials to university students since the break started.
- Have my own creepy stalker dude.
- Started watching Hanazakari no kimitachi e
- Saw Hellboy II (FUC-US)
- lcpdragonslayer gave me my very own coffee cup (very awesome) Now just to start drinking Coffee more often.
- Saw that the_gogos have posted up their next part to the Musashi/Hiruma fic and will read it soon.
- Am getting a Tattoo on my left arm soon.
- Will be crying like a little girl when i do.
- Have had 4 hours sleep in the last 5 days.
- Begining the countdown to Supernatural Season 4 (10 more days)

P.S. I think i may have started to turn [info]lcpdragonslayer  in to an alcoholic...



Yes, gogo found out about your kink. It's OK (weirdo). We love you!

You and Annie broke up?! Ooooh, Tiggs. Gogo is sorry.

You have a stalker? A creepy one? YUCK!!

Let's hear more about the tattoo!!

Yes, there's some delicious NC-17 Mushi/Hiruma waiting for you, and there will be even more posted soon.

Drinking is fun! Gogo leans towards champagne, old vine varietals of Cabernet, Bordeaux, and Chianti, and am always a big rum' cock Coke girl. Another favorite drink is a Tequila Sunrise made with Patron. Mmmmmmm... Delish!

Will write more soon. Might answer that meme of yours in a comment, since gogo isn't one to post all that often. There's still another meme that gogo needs to do, but is laaaazy about memes.

OH, and did you like the GODDAMN BATMAN?! How about that scene in the restaurant when Harvey was gushing about Batman and Bruce was totally like, "I'm totally gonna fuck this guy." HOT, RITE?? I MEAN, does it get hotter than this:
BWAHAHAHA, i see nobody has even attempted to write one for it. Be kinda scary if they did

Yeah the two of us kind of realized how strained things were getting, being so far from each other. It wasnt fair on her either, so yeah...

The stalker situation is weird...Did you know, apparently laughing at them when they are trying to threaten you, just gets them angrier?

At the moment, my first tattoo looks to be something like
: most likely. (I think my Supernatural fandom may be a bit to extreme >_>")

Tigger isnt sure if he can accompany you in your wine drinking...its one of my cursed drinks, every night he drinks that, things dont go well. I am not sure what is in a Tequila sunrise :( but if you can inform me, i shall be sure to try it out next time :)

I'll be sure to read the fic within the next few days for sure. You dont have to do the meme's, I know you dont really do them often, i just had you there, because i dont have that many people on my friends list XD

I loved the GODDAMN BATMAN. Easily one of my favorite movies ever~ I do remember that scene quite well actually, they were totally having eyesex with each other (LCP has also shown me that great icon of yours on it)
Aha! Cool tattoo is cool. Gogo doesn't know much (anything) about Supernatural, but the tattoo is muchly spiffy nonetheless.

Sooooo, you don't really want to know what gogo thinks of Tigger? Cuz gogo will answer the meme, for you. Unless you just put gogo there because you don't have that many friends on your list...

Am very sorry to hear about Annie. And the stalker. But am glad that your friend who was in an accident is fine. Why were you in the hospital? (you don't have to say if it's a private matter) Am very happy you're better, tho.

And that icon~ Mmmmmmm...delicious, isn't it? Gogod made that. We're writing some Bruce/Harvey Batporn currently. 5987 words and Bruce still hasn't stuck it in... There has been lots and lots of really steamy foreplay, though, so it's not like nothing was going on.

Thank you for reading the Mushi/Hiruma, whenever you around to it. No rush! We loooove that you love that pairing. Makes the*gogos very happy. And happy gogos write more porn!
Thanks. Supernatural is good fun. Dean Winchester is the total SMEX~

Tigger would love to hear what you think of him.

I was in the hospital after a bar fight, where this guy came at me from behind with a pool cue and smashed my ribs with it (he thought i was hitting on his girl apparently). We both ended up pretty fucked up after the night...so yeah. Mum wasnt to pleased with it.

Links please to the Bruce/Harvey, if i may. Something i must read as well. (Icon is so awesome, she also showed me prancing joker, which rocked too)

I have quickly grown fond of the pairing thats for sure. Its a lot easier to fall in love with it too, with the way the two of you write it.
Hmmm... Will give Dean a gander and will let Tigger know what gogo thinks.

A bar fight, huh? Tiggs, that's...that's kinda sexy~. Am very glad you weren't hurt too badly. And glad you dished it out as good as you got! *unf!*

Bruce/Harvey long pronz isn't posted yet, we actually have 2 stories in the works, one of which needs major editing and the other which is still being written.

To tide you over, here's something we wrote for the Batman 6 Word Drabble-Fest. It's a short fic, written in 6-word sentences, but the sexy turned out to be...very pretty and evocative. And sexy!
Bruce/Harvey: http://community.livejournal.com/allxthingsxgo/4612.html#cutid1
(would love to know what you think of that one!)

Oh, and here's the link for Musashi x Hiruma, part 2 (steamy!) http://community.livejournal.com/allxthingsxgo/4478.html#cutid1

Thnx again for the compliments on our writing, Tigger. It really does mean a lot.
I think your the only friend i have, who thought getting into a bar fight would be sexy. I just got grief from most others who found out. But then i guess i always knew that you were awesome that way.

Thanks for the links, i cant wait to read them. You do know you spoils me right with your fics don't you? XD

And you spoil us by reading, and with your awesome comments!

Definitely hope you like the next installment of Musashi x Hiruma, and we're definitely interested to hear what you think of those Bruce/Harvey drabbles. xoxo!
So, apparantly cuts dont work on comments...but here is a more close up of it anyway:

Is it black? What color will your tattoo be?

It probably be black or a similar dark color...not sure if any other color would suit it, unless you got suggestions?
El Pornoman

January 2009

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